I am getting an error in data extraction scope

error: Data Extraction Scope: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
and i know the meaning of error but unable to reslove it guys can you share any solution.

use a breakpoint on for each and check how many tables you are getting in your variable “vardataset” and share screenshot of same

i am getting error at data extraction scope itself mate.
Motilal pdf extraction.zip (1.2 MB)

can you share screenshot of data inside varclassifiedresult(0) from immediate panel when you debug



that is the issue you are getting varclassifiedresults null and you want it to be sent to the extraction scope
please check if you have properly configured the classification scope

if you have some time can you go through the flow that i have sent
name:document understanding

@Adithyeshwar_goud can you share file as well if its ok and does not contain confidential data


Looks like your classifier is not working as expected and not classifying the doc at all

Try to check if the document is marked properly

Or may be two variables are created with same


Hi @Adithyeshwar_goud,

Could you click on “Configure Classifier” and take a screenshot, please?