HyperHack-2023 - Donation_Streamlining

HyperHack-2023 - Donation_Streamlining

Use Case Description

This application streamlines the donation process for an NGO, facilitating payment (via a custom connector), data integration in Data Service, creation of items in a queue, then sending a thank you email to users that was generated by ChatGPT.


HyperHack-2023 - Donation_Streamlining.pdf

Other information about the use case

Industry categories for this use case: Other Sector

Skill level required: Advanced

UiPath Products that were used: UiPath Apps, UiPath Data Services, UiPath Orchestrator

Other applications that were used: Integration Service, OpenAI, Studio Web, Stripe API

Other resources: -

What is the top ROI driver for this use case?: Other