HI everyone, I have an update from my topic here. how do I write value from CurrentRow(“DATE_BOOK”) into my DATE_TIME coloumn on excel, I have thousands rows and I tried using write cell with value CurrentRow(“DATE_BOOK”).ToString , but that take forever to print all of the rows. anyone knows other ways to print all rows right away?

Hi @Kevin_Maurice

Please make sure to be explicit in your requirement, share some examples about input data, and also your expected output



this is my datatable and my work, what i wanted is fill my DATE_BOOK column on excel, from CurrentRow(“DATE_BOOK”) I assigned before, but I dont know how


are you writing your table again once the validations were performed? i mean using a write range activity?

after the validation i using write cell inside the for each row, it takes forever write one by one cause i have thousands rows

you should add a write range activity right below the end of the for each row and delete your wirte cell

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thank you sir, it works

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