Please reply to me :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray: :pray:t2: :sob:
Generate/Prepare Annual Report - Upload
Please reply to me :pray:t2:
Did you Complete the "Yearly Report " ???
How to complete this task ???
Please give me some short cuts about it​:pray::pray::pray:Assignment of RPA Developer Advance Course


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please use this reference (6.1 MB)


Not useful because the zip file can’t open :disappointed:
I want to complete the assignment of RPA Developer Advance Course that is β€œGenerate Yearly Report -Upload Assignment”
Atleast you try to help me :smiling_face_with_tear:, Thanks for your response :pray:t2:

Hey @arhamali1best ,

  1. Download the file uploaded by @Anil_G

  2. Go to Unzip Files Online (No limits!) - ezyZip website

  3. Upload the downloaded zip file

  4. Download it and open using UiPath studio

Hope it helps you out!


Are you getting any error in unzip?

As I unzip just now and it did work