HTTP request with XML input

Hello guys, I need help, and I need it badly. So for the past few days i’ve been trying to figure out, how to make an XML call with UiPath. The platform that im doing the call to is Ebay. The call specifications: URL. Is it possible to do this call using HTTP request activity? And if so, how? Any help, small step by step would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!


chnage the body format to xml and then give the xml required

are you facing any issue?


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Ok, so in the Options → “Body Format” I need to change it to application/xml?
And the XML input place in the Options → “Body” ?

Sometimes Prototyping in Postman is faster. Once it is working there, we can port it to HTTP Request

Also have a look here (when it is decided, that XML and not SOAP will be used)

Especially pay also attention to the header fields

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Exactly…change it and input your xml in the body firld thats it