HTTP Request to download file with default filename

I am trying to use an HTTP request to download a file form the internet. The issue I am running into is the ‘ResourcePath’ field needs to be filled out with both the the download folder AND the file name. What I have shown in the snippet below works, but I want to use the default file name rather that ‘myfile.pdf’. For example, if I wanted to download this random lawn mower manual, I can use this link and it will automatically download with the default file name:

(I removed the https:// from the beginning of the link so you can see the actual URL)

However, if I wanted my HTTP request to get this file, I would need to assign it a name.pdf. This becomes a problem if I am downloading lots of different files with different file extensions. Can anybody give me some direction on this?


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as the url has information on the filename and filetypeextension it maybe can be used for this dynamic calculations

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I supposed in this case I could extract the file name and format right out of the URL. I am not sure if that is always the case?

Please have look into the output headers. I found the filename of the attachement here