HTTP Request configuration

I have the following api call:
This is an API call:
curl -Method:Post -ContentType “application/json” -Headers @{“X-Api-Key”=“3BQMO2LQ87M29hMnN9k”;“Accept”=“application/json”;“Authorization”=“Basic T0FTQU0gT0NJTyBSUEEgU2VydmljZSBBY2Nlc3M6RG1jUCpYTTJOQTVM=”} -Uri “

I am trying to figure out how to use this information to configure the HTTP Request activity. I have tried using the endpoint with the api key but it is not working.

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Hey @Nenna_Anya

Please show the screenshot once,

  1. You need to pass the Endpoint

  2. You need to pass all the headers mentioned above as key value pairs

Hope that helps


in properties under options you will see header , it accepts collection of strings
click on that and in argument name enter “X-Api-kry” and its value will be “3BQMO2LQ87M29hMnN9k”
similarly "Accept” and “application/json” …
you can extract these details from a previous call also by getting the output header of that call and pass it into the next http request
the header variable is normally a string so you will have to use proper splitting strategy
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Can you give an example using my API call?

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Ok sure @Nenna_Anya