Http POST request body error


I’m trying to make a connection in an api using the post method, where the request body must be the same as below

“numero”: “0000000000”

I’m using the C# language in the project, and when I try to put the json in the “body” field, it presents several errors depending on how I describe the json string.

Here is the last error displayed

I would like to know how I can declare the json in string format so that the body can be recognized correctly by the request. I tried some alternatives in forum searches but i just got different errors, in return from api reporting data error or as syntax error in UiPath.


sorry, this

Hi @andre.nascimento


jsonString = "{""numero"": ""0000000000""}"

and don’t miss out on any quotes or curly braces here. Now pass the jsonString to the body & check if it works. Please let us know regarding the same.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.


i got these errors

Insomnia test still works:

Hi @andre.nascimento

Please refer to the quotes u have to use in the body request variable for HTTP Request:




i fix it loading .txt file with json.


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