Html with Uipath

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I have a doubt whether we can connect UiPath with Html as Front end and develop your app instead of UiPath apps.
I need to use Html css as front of Website and UiPath Studio and Orchestrator as back end can we use like it . If u know how to do please help me out .
If any have try it please let me on comment or email

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Sai Esvar P

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I’m not really clear your requirements
What type of UiPath you want to use, Studio, App,…

i want to Html css as front for my app or website and connect it with UiPath studio code.

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Sai esvar P

I think your mean is Integrate html into UiPath apps , that’s right
HTML and Javascript is still not supported into UI Path Apps pages.
Integrate html into UiPath apps
You can see


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UiPath apps has an upcoming control called HTML control where you can write HTML code.

Stay tuned for this update. As of now this control is not available in public preview


If you want frontend with html and css then to integrate UiPath bots you can do with api calls but for that you need javascript as well…

So please explore accordingly

Like on a click you might need to call a bot and wait for response