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How can i make an exact replica of this template with some string placeholders in an html file and send it thru an outlook mail?I have done this,but i am not able to construct the exact template given for me,can someone please help me out?PFA files,the zip file contains the image of the template…
Html.xaml (8.0 KB)
Html (692 Bytes)


@im_heathen What changes you want to make for that html?

I can see that all the values are being added into the appropriate placeholder only.

Rammohan B.


@Rammohan91 Just want to make a template like the image file i have attached unlike this basic html table.


Which image you are talking about? I see only a text file inside the zip.

Rammohan B.


Oh,wait i’m sending you one.

#6 (16.6 KB)


Hey @im_heathen,

I don’t work much on html pages, but tried to make something for you. I think you can take it over from here.

Html (899 Bytes)

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


@Rammohan91 But i am getting exceptions while trying to attach and run this html file,but it works fine when i use my previous html file,problems occur when i use css in it…


@im_heathen Check this.

Html (935 Bytes)

Basically if your html contains styles with ‘{’ or ‘}’ then it has to be appended with another similar curley braces.

Rammohan B.