HTML email body table border

Hello I made HTML table for email body, but it’s border is white so bad to recognize.
I want to change border line for solid black one.
But I can’t apply HTML table style. like

<table> <style> ~

Below is what I made.

"<p><table border =1 ><td align = 'center'><b>DOCUMENT TYPE</b></td><td align = 'center'><b>SECTION</b></td><td align = 'center'><b>TITLE</b></td><td align = 'center'><b>CREATOR</b></td><td align = 'center'><b>CREATION ORG.</b></td><td align = 'center'><b>RECEIVE DATE</b></td></tr>"

If I change table border = 1 to another number, it doesn’t work.
To make black solid line table, how can I change HTML?

Hi @111153

Try using HTML Editor to see the sample border style and Try using in mail body!


Hi @111153 ,

“border=1” attribute to define the cells of the table with lines.

Could you try with the following property border=“3” here border=“p” p defines the pixel wide the border should be. thanks.

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