How we can use the output we got from "Get Text" activity in a variable of one test case to another test case?

Hi All,

I have came across a requirement where i need to use the output value of a variable from Test Case A to Test Case B?

I am getting a text from screen using “Get Text” activity and storing it in “Variable1” and I wants to use the same variable value in another test case, Is it possible in UiPath?

Please let me know if this is possible.



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After reading you can weite the text to asset and then read it in test case2

Hope this helps


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Hi Anil,

Thanks for the suggestion, I think i am close to the steps you have mentioned and it might work.

The only issue i am facing now while executing the steps mentioned by you is, when i am trying to print the asset value it is printing blank value however the value from test case A is getting successfully assigned to asset and i am able to see it on orchestrator as well.


Can you please check the asset name properly…

Can you share the xaml
Or a screenshot here?


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