How we append Google Sheet record in Uipath

Hi Friends,
I am working with google Sheet, I am able to create a google sheet.
Task :
I have a Data Table , Whenever my bot run i want to append Table record to my Google Sheet

Append Row work for a row only

Please guide me how to achieve this task


please refer to the below docs.

Same i am looking , insert the record in new row instead of overwriting one

@JSR_Techno_Talk_s Then you can try as in the post.

You can Achive by this

  1. First Read google Spreadsheet Data - Dt_googleSpredSheetData
    2 .Write into workbook (Temp.xlsx )Dt_googleSpredSheetData
  2. Your Actual Data append in (Temp.xlsx )
  3. Read (Temp.xlsx ) and Write to google Spreadsheet
  4. Delete Temp file

Any better solution let me know