How to write particular word in between text


I want to write person name in front on hi.
also Customer Name in front of Customer Name
Priority in front of priority and so on…

how to do this in Uipath studio?

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Did we try with Replace Text activity from UiPath.Word package

For this go to design tab in studio → Manage Package → Official Tab and search as UiPath.Word and install that

Now use Word application scope and pass the file path as input
—inside the scope use REPLACE TEXT and mention the input as “Hi,” and replace with text as “Hi,”+your name.ToString

Similarly for priority
Input as “Priority:” and replace text as
“Priority: ”+yourvariable.ToString

Similarly for others as well

Cheers @Sneha_Ambulkar

I don’t want to replace anything
I have to type specific keyword in front of them as i am doing mail merging.

Yah it’s not like replacing with other words
We are trying to replace with same terms but with addition to new value as well
Cheers @Sneha_Ambulkar

If you have word template fix then directly you can merge fields from excel file as below using Mailing feature of word,
1)Click on Mailings.
2)Click on existing list from Select Recipients tab.
3)Add excel data source and click OPEN and then OK.
4)Write “«COLUMN_NAME»” in front of Name header
e.g. Policy Number «CHDRNUM»
CHDRNUM is column name in excel.
5)Click on Preview and then click on Next Record.

so i am doing step by step process does it work?

Yah it would of course
Cheers @Sneha_Ambulkar

How to write << column name >> in font of any text that is my question

You have to write this column name in your Template file
Hi «Name»
So when you click on preview the first value from this column i.e. Name-abc will be appear in front of Hi
Output = Hi abc

Does it worked???
You can copy symbol « » from here.

Yes it is working
Thank You!!

It is working
Thank you!

Mark it as solution and close the topic.

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