How to write from a list to somewhere

Hi everyone
I have a list of policies that I saved with for each row (ran on excel file and every time my ‘if’ worked it added the number_policy to the collection)

now I want to write the collection in a 1 message box (I want to send an email with the collection and more writing)

thank u very much

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that can be done like this
with a assign activity like this
str_input = String.Join(“_”,listvariable.ToArray()).ToString

where this string variable str_input will have al the elements in the list with _ kept as delimiter

Then this can be used in Message box or any where as a string
Cheers @dlichten


instead of “_” i’ll use ", "

thank u very much

yah then the expression be like this
str_input = String.Join(", ",listvariable.ToArray()).ToString

cheers @dlichten


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