How to write data in Excel file without overwriting?

is it possible for you to share the excel file ?

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I cannot share my Excel file because it includes kinda personal info.
But it is like this, i share you.
This info count always change by which i mean now is 61datas but maybe next time is 76…like this. So always chage first place to put new datas.
SO i want to put new datas to new place always and also don’t want to overwrite previous datas as well.
Is it make sense for you?

It’s okay.
Is it fine if data get added at the end So for example if there are 10 rows then new data get added from 11th row.

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Steps to do this:

1 - I have used Build activity just remove it with your activity where you are reading new data and putting in data table

2 - Pass file path where you want data to be appeneded

3 - Install package for Interop code.

If this wasn’t work let’s connect on teams or zoom, if that’s possible for you.


Just try to run the process i have shared as it is for your understanding and then make changes accordingly.

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Thank you for shareing valuable information.
I tried them but it didn’t work for me, maybe i did wrong or missing something.Can you check it, please?
I already had data table, so i guess it is fine.


Still cannot get your point(2 and 3), sorry about that.
Thank you.

For point 2 - You have to pass your excel file path to in_FilePath Argument shown in screenshot before.
For Point 3 - You have to install this package otherwise invoke code will give error.
Install Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel package.

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I guess i solvedmy ploblem.
Thank you for helping me all the time.

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Great!, how you have done that finally :grinning:?

I used Filter Data Table to sloved my ploblem.
When i add it, it did not overwrite and it works i guess.
But actually now my boss is checking so i am not sure.

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