How to write a python code in visual studio and create a component for UiPath Studio

Hi everyone,

So we are trying to run a python code in UiPath, but we are in search for a more dynamic method that can allow a Developer to run any python code directly in UiPath Studio. Like in other major IDEs like Eclipse, IdeasUnlimited, Android Studio, etc. there is a method to install a library or package and typ the python code directly.

So the two major question we have is

  1. How to make a package for another language for UiPath Studio
  2. How to create a component to make Python run in Uipath Studio

How to setup python development in Visual studio -

I guess the rest of the things are same (creating a component).

Give a try.

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  1. You need to create a dll with python code to make it as a componant in Uipath.Here is the link which will be useful for that :

  2. You have to use Nuget package to make the dll a activity in UiPath…Another helpful link …
    User guide on how to create custom activities package?

If you need steps. Here they are :

  1. open the Nuget explorer and create new library and add the dll selecting the add existing option
  2. Click to edit and change the name of the package
  3. Save the package file with the desired name and copy the file(.nupckg extension) to the path Ex : C:\Users\hamadasi\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.4.0\Packages
  4. Open UIPath and search for the name and click install you will be able to execute the code giving the inputs

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