How To Work With Windows Authentication Orchestrator API

How to work with Windows authentication Orchestrator API?

Step By Step Guide: When working with Windows Authentication enabled, Orchestrator does not store the credentials used for Authentication.

With most of the Browser-based applications like Postman, directly call the required API as the Authentication (NTLM/Kerberos) is taken care of by the browser settings.

Follow How To Configure Supported Browsers For Kerberos NTLM for Windows Authentication on browsers.

However, when dealing with any third party programming language to call the Orchestrator API with Windows Authentication enabled, Orchestrator Authentication API can not be invoked.

So to Authenticate, use the details of the logged in user. This has to be taken care in the code written in any language say Java, C#, Powershell and UiPath will not be responsible to Authenticate. Once Authenticated using the logged in user, directly use the required API without generating the bearer Token in case enough permissions are present, to perform a particular action.