How to verify that a file exists in a network path



I can currently save Excel file in a Network path and it Works fine in UIPath. I want to be able to verify that the file is saved and exists in the path. I am currently doing this: System.IO.File.Exists(varPathToDrive+varCurrentExcelFileName) in an assign activity where:
varPathToDrive = “\XXXXX01\ab\YYY\AAA\MyFiles”
varCurrentExcelFileName = “myExcelFileName.xlsx”
When I run it, I get False, but when I run File.Exists with the same path and file name in a console appplication in visual studio, it returns True and I can see that the file was correctly saved and it exists in the path.



thank you for inquiring.

I would suggest you to use the Path exist activity like this:

Also I would ask if you have to login to access the network drive. It might not be able to access the folder due to restrictions.


\XXXXX01\ab\YYY\AAA\MyFiles is relative to the running workflow.
Therefore you should use/map an absolute path like C:\\XXXXX01\ab\YYY\AAA\MyFiles