How to verify a number value

This process reads a data sheet and enters the first number in the Primary row, hits submit and returns a value.
If the value comes back as 0 I added an assign

Am I on the right path and how do I get this to identify the number as 1 and move forward and if the value is 0 return to the next row in the data table and begin the process again? Do I use a for each?


Try below steps.

  1. Use Read Range activity to read the data from excel file and it will give output as DataTable. Let’s say dtInput.

  2. And then use For Each Row activity to iterate one by one row from it.

           For Each Row in dtInput
              - Enter the data into your application and submit it.
              - Read the text using Get Text activity from application. Let's say strOutput
                 If strOutput.Trim.Equals("1")
                    Then use Break activity to exit the loop and continue with next activities
                    Else keep it as blank and so that it will go to the next row.

I’m sorry I guess I wasn’t clear, I’m reading an excel sheet, grabbing the first number in row 1 of PIN column. That number is entered in and it brings back results and displays them sometimes it could bring back a zero. If a zero comes back the bot goes to the next PIN# in excel

This is what I get when I get text - < webctrl tag=‘P’ innertext='0 record(s) found ’ / >

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