How to use variable in read csv activity inside file path

Hi All, I want to read the csv file(a variable name). I am using read csv activity and trying to put variable to the file path but an error occurred. See below. Can you please help me out? Thanks

Read CSV : Could not find file ‘C:\Users\Downloads\03.19.18.CSV’.


Note: variable name has a value of date and needs to put it in the end of file path

Hi @baldonazamiko,

pass this as a filename variable, the filename variable should have a string data type.
check maximum length as well if needed.

@baldonazamiko Copy existing file path and display in message box than copy Read Csv Path and display in message box than you can know where you are missing path


Create a string variable FileName

Assign “C:\Users\baldonam\Downloads\” + DateTypeVariableName.ToString(“MM.DD.YY”) + “.csv” to the filename variable and try once again.

Note: It seems that your date format for filename is MM.DD.YY , if different then change the format as per your file name.


Hi @Madhuraj Thanks for the reply but it cant imagine what im gonna do first. But to give you background. the filename variable i used was already a string type. see below assign variable.

This is a variable assigned as string type and a value of date converted to string with format.

This is the full path that i used with an error i stated before.

Please help me on this. thanks!


The date format which you have typed is incorrect

It should be dd.MM.yy (M indicates Month, m indicates Minute)

Please correct that and check once again.