How to use values like >,< in variables used for dynamic selectors

Hi All,

Am supposed to navigate to dynamic url which am extracting and passing it in variable for dynamic selectors. Couldn’t append > to that variable due to this problem the element is not identified. Kindly help on this.
Am passing the below value to the variable which is used as a dynamic selector
“Project: “+URL_Comp+” > Overview — TeamCity”

Exact value to be passed is : Project: SOLO XPSClient > Overview — TeamCity />

You can use below dynamic selector code


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Hi, what is the full selector you are using?

Its working fine. Thanks a lot!!

Value used for the variable as follows:-
"Project: “+URL_Comp.ToString+ " > Overview — TeamCity”

Below is the selector am using. For the URL_title variable am passing the above value.

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