How to use Terminal session to download host file?

Dear all
My terminal session can successful connect to the host, as follows

but i also want to download some host files using UIPATH.

should anyone show me a way to download or upload files?
thank you.

Hi @yqitian,

You can download/upload files in mainframe terminal via cmd/powershell using FTP commands i.e GET & PUT, when working with UiPath if you already have the file name which you want to download or upload there is no need to open the terminal, instead follow the below steps.

  1. Open CMD/Powershell application.
  2. Use Type Into & Send Hot Key activities to enter the commands.
  3. Monitor the text which appears once you hit any command, by getting the text using Visible Text application.
  4. If the file size is large and it takes good amount of time to download/upload, then use While loop to get the text periodically until the file transmit is successful or failed.

Let me know in case you need any further information on this.


hi @sarthakj
thank you for you reply.
Due to the project cannot use ftp, I need to find another way to download/upload files.

HI @yqitian,

Another option is within the terminal, which terminal are you using?

I am using Attachmate Xtra Xtreme, which can integrate with UiPath, so in order to download the file we can use the file transfer option provided in the terminal, please refer to below screen shot.