How to Use Select Method

So i have scraped Invoice from Acme Website and now i want to use Select(Filter) to get the invoice of data Greater than 7-1-2018 so how do i use select to only get the above given condition

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @vickydas

See these



Hello @PrankurJoshi first of all thank you for helping me below is a screenshot of my workflow please see what kind of error i am getting which is mentioned below

Quotes are wrong in second condition.

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Okay then what is the correct syntax.what is the correct placement of those quotes ?

Try this

dt.Select("[InvoiceItem]='IT Support' AND Date > '2017-01-08'").CopyToDataTable

Or this

dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(r) r("InvoiceItem").Equals("IT Support") AND cDATE(r("Date")).ToString("yyyy-mm-dd") > CDate("2017-08-01").ToString("yyyy-mm-dd")).CopyToDataTable

Or even this

(From p In dt.Select
Where "IT Support".Equals(p.Item("InvoiceItem")) And CDate(p.Item("Date")).ToString("yyyy-mm-dd") > CDate("2017-08-01").ToString("yyyy-mm-dd")
Select p).CopyToDataTable



@PrankurJoshi solved my problem thank you for your help

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