How to use Select in more than one condition in Data table?

Here are my files for testing.
test.xlsx (9.2 KB)
Sequence9.xaml (12.1 KB)

You can use files at above for editing. As you see i tried to stamp data into a field by specific column
with simple concept for newbie understanding. And then for currently code still working well for updated.


Now, I have a question about how can I use more than one condition if I need to do specific something such as, I need to set text ‘yes’ into a cell by where column name equal to “kate” and column lastname equal to “stela”.

Here are details.

Thank you very for any answers and big thank for reply by example coding for easy to understand.

Here you go buddy:

Multiple AND Condition in Select Statement on DataTable - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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filter using SELECT
dt.Select("[col1]='a' AND [col2]='a'").CopyToDataTable()

filter using select (contains)
dt.Select("[ColumnName] like '%value%'").CopyToDataTable()

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Thank you very much : )

Excellent !!! that what i want. Thank you.

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