How to use OrchestratorHttpRequest?

I started exploring the API in UiPath.Can anyone guide me how to use OrchestratorHttpRequest?I want to start the job in the Orchestrator from the code.we are using domain user. I want to authenticate using window.

@Visalakshi_Jayabalan - Easy to start a job using 3 major steps -

  1. Authentication via “api/account/authenticate”
  2. Get Releases via “data/Releases”
    2.1 - Robot id ( for a specific only) - via “/odata/Robots”
  3. StartJob via “/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs”

you can refer the various examples in

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Thanks for the reply.We need to use windows authentication NTLM. So No Authentication is needed. Can you please tell me how to pass the Variables for GetReleases or Can you please share the sample code?

See this:

I am getting this error code

“{”“message”“:”“An organization unit is required for this action.”“,”“errorCode”“:1101,”“resourceIds”“:null}”

I am trying to do Get Releases.

This must be because you have folders in your orchestrator, so you need to specify that as well.

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