How to use "on element appear" activity?

I have a scenario where I have a data table with multiple rows which consists of URLs to a website. If the URL displays normal flow then I need to add some files inside it and go to the next row in the data table. If that website shows an error I need to directly go to the next row instead of uploading the files.

How can I achieve this task?

I don’t know if I understand, but I think element exist is what you want ?

Then if it doesn’t exist you are going to the next row

I have some URLs inside a data table which takes me to the employee page of a website and uploads the files as follows:

If this page doesn’t show up and takes me to a page as follows:

I need to proceed forward with the loop and execute the same for rest all elements which I am not able to do.

So can you please help me out with this?

Hope this clarification really helps in making you understand the context.

Ok, well you can get the selector of your banner alert (in the second screen) with element exist activity you are looking for this banner.
Place the element exist activity after your navigate to
Then if the return value is true then change your row.
And when it is false just make your actual process.

I tried doing it. But I am not able to figure out how to do it.

i don’t have my computer right now, but you can do :

  • inside of your foreach each (for your data table) navigate to => element exist => if valueFromElementExist => then nothing else your actual process

I don’t know if it is clear.

  1. use for each row

2)give your datatable as input for for each row

  1. Use get row item activity and give the column name of the datatable from which you are fetching the URL , then create a string variable (ex: var1) and use this variable as output for get row item activity

4)use the activity (might be open browser if you are using it) to launch the URL , here in URL

  1. Then use element exists activity and indicate the element you are looking for , then create a boolean variable (ex : var2) and use this variable as output to element exists activity

6)use if condition …
In the condition of If …write as
Var2 = true
Then in Then box write your code of file uploads …
In the else box use close application activity and indicate the browser


How can I go to the next row in the data table after encountering the error.

Since this is inside for each row loop, it will automatically fetches next row

if I close my application how can it loop through other rows of the data table? (18.9 KB)

I am attaching the zip file. In the workflow if (a != b)
then I need to skip 1st row in the data table and navigate to all the next elements of that table.

How can I achieve this?

Change “for each” activity with “for each row” activity if there are any validation errors.

I didn’t find any Element exists activity you have used there …

To address your question …below is the solution

Cover the IF activity with Try catch

And in the Then box use throw and with system exception
In the catch block of that Try catch – just handle the exception