How to use notepad in workflow

Hi, I am looking to open notepad in UI path studio workflow and unable to get open notepad.exe activity. I am not sure if I do need to install it as a package, can someone please help me to integrate notepad in workflow.
Thank you

You can use Read Text File & Write Text File Activity to work with text files.

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You can use open application to open application, no need to install any packages for this.

If you need to manipulate content of text inside notepad you can follow what @Karthick_Settu mentioned.


@ramvashista85 use Open Application activity and in FileName Input write “C:\windows\System32\notepad.exe”

Is it possible to type in note pad without opening the application. As similar function we do have in excel Visible Option. In sort type text in notepad without opening the application


You can use the append text activity