How to use Not contains function in string?

Hi guys,

I have small query. I have following variable.
strValue = “This is Test”

I want to condition if “Test” is not contains in this variable then how to condition.

I have tried below approach but it did not work.
Not strValue.Contains(“Test”)

Kindly assist me.

Hi @kawalkarhemant,

not strValue.Contains("Test")

This one will work.

What exception are you getting can you send the screenshot.


I have tried same but it did not work. Please find attached.Main.xaml (5.0 KB)

Hi @kawalkarhemant,
i am getting can you check it

Condition : not strValue.Contains("test")


Maybe I was not compiled earlier. But I got it now. Thanks.

Also, I got one more way to get the same result.