How to use multiple filters in get file function?

I want to get .PDF and .Tiff files in a folder. The filter works for one file type, but does not support multiple. I used syntax as File_list=Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, “*.PDF”)


This worked for me:

fileList = Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, “.PDF").Union(Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, ".tiff”)).ToArray

Hi @neethulg,

Try this - File_list=Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, “.PDF”).Concat(Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, “.Tiff”))



filteredFiles = Directory
   .GetFiles(path, "*.*")
   .Where(function(X) X.ToLower().EndsWith("tiff") OR X.ToLower().EndsWith("pdf"))

this didn’t worked for me.

This also didn’t worked for me.

was it not giving result or validation error?

no nothing is getting into the array of string. its not showing any errors but when i try to loop and display the file names i understood the files are not getting into the array, also i checked the length of the output array it is 0.

Can you send me your workflow or screen shots?


What in_TrasactionItem is having, log it and check and send me the file location and file screenshot - just check case sensitivity in their extension.

in_Transaction item is the folder location. It is working for PDF files alone. When multiple filters are applied there is problem.

Hi @neethulg,

I have tested on my system - try this Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

Thanks. It worked the syntax was correct. the problem was in this syntax * was not mentioned before the extension , File_list=Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, “ .PDF”).Concat(Directory.GetFiles(path.ToString, “.Tiff”))

Here is the screenshot - I am able to get both file from same folder .

I used - variable1 = Directory.GetFiles(“C:\temp”,".csv").Concat(Directory.GetFiles(“C:\temp”,".xml"))

variable1 is type of System.Collections.generic.IEnumerable-String

oh! Anyways finally you got the solution Cheers :slight_smile:

its not again working for PDF and tiff. Only works for PDF.

strange, did it worked once for both?

no. For both its not working. for pdf its working.