How to use Keyword based classifiers - Invoice and receipt AI processing

Hi team,

Anyone help me that how can i use keyword based classifiers inside the Classify Document scope or train classifiers scope.
I am not able to understood that learning path file What is that file and tell me that what are the data will be there inside the learning path files?

And also tell me that how can i configure the classifiers.

I gothroughed all the documents enclosed in uipath.But i am not able to understand this.

Guide me please.

And also tell me that how can i process a TIF format file which contains more than one page i need to process all the images one by one using MAchine learning extractor.


Looking for same!

@Roboz and @Sriram07,

Even I am exploring on this. To generate learning path you need to create empty json file and then click on

Then you can add key words

I still see this thread open and I’m going through the documentation and trying to figure how all of this works because I haven’t seen or read anything that I can fully make sense of beginning to end. I’ll add the steps that I used to create my own keyword Json file. Hopefully, the community will help complete the solution.

Add the KW Classifier to the project and click on the “Manage Learning” link without specifying a file name!

Select Yes and specifiy the JSON file name:

Add Keyword files and Save json file - Here’s something I’m trying out:

Configure the Classifier by selecting the “Configure Classifier” link to complete the process.

The Learning JSON file will look something like this with the keywords listed as show:

I’m yet to complete the rest of the process and see how it works.

Hope this helps.