How to use formulas in DATA TABLE

Sample Expected output

Actual Data in Data table

Note: Stored above excel sheet data in DATA TABLE.

Question 1 :

How to add today’s date in this format ( dd.MM.yyyy) in “I” Colum in each row

Question 2:

Fill Total days count in “J” Column for each row


Today date – Date of last login (IF date of last login (“H” Column) is empty or contains “ not in use then take date from “E” column)

Question 3:

Fill following value in Column “K” based on the count value in “J” Column


=IF(J2<=60,“No Action”,IF(J2>164,“To be deleted”,IF(J2>90,“To be Locked”,IF(J2>60,“To be informed”))))


Even the orther columns can be formulae…

For date use "TODAY()" with write cell and then use autofill range or cell activity

For the next column again same approach formula would be this

"=IF(H2=""Not in Use"",DATEDIF(E2,I2,""d""), DATEDIF(H2,I2,""d""))"

You need to use write cell and auto fill range

"=IF(J2<=60,""No Action"",IF(J2>164,""To be deleted"",IF(J2>90,""To be Locked"",IF(J2>60,""To be informed""))))"


I would like to write into data table… not into excel sheet…

Which activity we need to use below formula for datatable

“=IF(H2=”“Not in Use”“,DATEDIF(E2,I2,”“d”“), DATEDIF(H2,I2,”“d”“))”


Use a for eqch row in datatable and use if conditions as needed…

Like currentrow("columnname").ToString.Equals("Not In Use”)

This is on example …like this you can write multiple conditions as needed

For date Now.ToString("’MM.dd.yyyy")


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