How to use Folder Exists?

How do you use the Folder Exists action?

In the example, save result says SortedFolder but I cant see how you write this as there is no option to.


Can you share a print screen of your process ?

Folder exists activity , as the name implies can determine if a certain path is valid , it will return a boolean value . So for example the following process:

Creates a folder , then it asserts it’s existence after determining its’ existence it outputs a message , then it deletesattachment](upload:// (1.5 MB) the folder and then it asset’s it existence once again a based on the outcome it prints 2 different messages. (1.5 MB)


Hi @dragos.suma their example: Folder Exists

Circled in red is the folder name we are checking exists?
Circled in blue is what? How do I input this value?


The value highlighted in blue is the output value , the result of the folder exists activity. It can be later used in an if clause or to be saved in an excel file.


The result is a boolean value (True/False), you can save it for later

And use it in a IF branch later, like Dragos pointed out: