How to use each Images Matches element to Scrape Relative

I am able to use Scrape Relative to get OCR text with successful result.

Now I want to use Images Matches and loop all UIElement to Scrape Relative.
I try to copy Scrape Relative sequence and paste into For Each activity of matched UIElement.
There is a problem, I don’t know how to Set Clip Region of each element, in order to get OCR text.

Here is a sample what I want to accomplish.

Here is a xaml file with two sequence.
One sequence is using “Scrape Relative” to get text.
Another one is using “Find Image Matches” to find all checked checkboxes. But I don’t know how to set clipping region correctly, in order to use OCR text next to checkbox.
WordCheckBox.xaml (23.1 KB)


Hi @ccyfly,

If you found any solution please share. I am stuck on same.