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I used select method to find age column better than 5 olds.
But these results came back.
assign activities dataRow = sampleData.Select(“age>5”)
for each activities row(“name”).ToString + " " +row(“age”).ToString
table column is name, age
Let me know why this is happening

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buddy @SungwookJ
you were almost right buddy
Kindly change like this buddy
dataRow = sampleData.Select("[age]>‘5’")

Kindly try this and let know buddy

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Did that work buddy @SungwookJ

I tried sampleData.Select("[age]>‘5’") method .
However, these results returned.
I don’t understand why 40, 100 years old is not returned.

Thanks for the reply.

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Buddy then try with filter datatable activity
like this and you can get the data from the out_dt buddy @SungwookJ


Yup, Filter data table is the way to go.

That select statement is somehow not taking the correct syntax (at least according to me)

Can you share the .xaml? maybe we can help further, there might be some other issue…:slight_smile:



Can you please use this logic:

DT1 = sampleData.Select(("[age]>5")).CopyToDataTable

And iterate the value in foreach of this datatable DT1. I have created sample workflow for your case. Please check and let me know. (12.1 KB)



thank you for your help.
i resolved that.

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Can you please mark as valuable solution so that our folks can get info of this window :slight_smile:.


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