How To Use Azure File Share As Nuget Package Path?

How to use Azure File share as Nuget package path?

Error Message:


Error as “The User name or password is incorrect”


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at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.SimpleOperationAsyncResult.Run(TimeSpan timeout)

at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.BeginRun(AsyncCallback callback, Object state)

at UiPath.Executor.RobotRunner.<RunWorkflow>d__103.MoveNext(), HResult -2146233088

Resolution: To configure / use Azure file share, perform the below steps,

  1. Create a storage account in Azure Portal and then create a File Share
  2. Now go to Azure File share in the Azure portal and click on connect and choose Storage account key. On selection of the Storage account key, it will show script details. Copy this script and save it in a notepad to use later. Refer below image for different options in Azure File share
  1. Now go to the Robot machine and open PowerShell as a Robot account user
  2. Run the script copied in step 2 in PowerShell. This will map the Azure file share path with the Robot user
  3. Download PSexec.exe from the Microsoft website
  4. Open the new PowerShell as administrator and navigate to the folder where PSexec is downloaded
  5. Run the below command to open a new PowerShell under the local system account (NT authority\system).
  1. Now run the script copied in step 2 to map the Azure file share path with the local system account
  1. Once the above is done then update the Azure share path in UiPath.config file. Refer to below image.
  1. Restart the Robot service for changes to get reflected
  2. Now robot should be able to download the files in Azure file share
  3. When a job is executed, “Cannot create unknown types” error might be thrown
  4. To resolve this error, follow below steps
    1. Go to Internet options à security à trusted sites in Internet Explorer
    2. Add the Azure file share URL without HTTP in the trusted site
    3. Uncheck the “require server verification” check box to allow non-http URLs in the trusted site
    4. Once the above is done, test the process in UiPath Assistant or from Orchestrator

Note: Make sure Azure file share Path is accessible in File explorer in Robot machine via Robot account.