How to use AND OR condition in IF

Hello All,

I have a condition in if Row (A) values are less than 45 AND OR if Row ( B ) values are less than 45 it should enter the loop and send a mail.

Can someone please suggest how to write the condition in the IF activity.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Yugal_Raju ,

We do have a confusion whether it needs to be an OR / AND operation based on the Statement provided

The Condition Should be as below :

(row("A").ToString.IsNumeric andAlso Cint(row("A").ToString)<45) or (row("B").ToString.IsNumeric andAlso Cint(row("B").ToString)<45 )

The statement should be such that both the rows- rows A & rows B should be considered of they both have values below 45 and they should be considered if Either row A or row B having values below 45

Did this make sense ?

Hi @Yugal_Raju ,

For better understanding of your problem, Could you provide/Show us with the Input Data, and provide/Show the Corresponding Expected Output data for it?

You could provide Screenshots or provide data in Excel files as well.

Hi @Yugal_Raju,

The first condition is not required then. All you have to consider is that either a<45 OR b<45. (if one of them is under 45 means that the condition is met)

Therefore your first condition becomes redundant then.

So what @supermanPunch suggested should fit your needs.

@supermanPunch @jeevith Yes the solution is working Thank you so much.

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