How to use an assign activity to assign a int32 variable value to 1.5

I am trying to create variables to hold numbers to compare with other numbers I keep getting an error when using the assign activity I need to assign the variables values like 1.5, 3, 5 etc. Does anyone know how to do this?

You cannot assign 1.5 to an Int32. Use the Double datatype instead.

@j0oo0 If you’re trying to Assign values like 1.5 to an Integer Type variable, It will be a Validation Error Since 1.5 is recognised as a Double Datatype and not as an Integer.

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HI @j0oo0

Just like the other guys said, you need to use Double data type for this as Integer does not support that format.

So, create a double type variable and convert the integer to the double. You can use the below code as well to do the conversion

Double variable = Double.Parse(IntVariable.ToString)


Double Variable = CDBL(Variable)


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