How to use add data column activity

There is collection as following:
Type Systme.Collections.Generic.IColloection<System.String>
$hoge= {“a”,“b”,“c”}

and already datatable $piyo is prepared in advance as following:
column1(String) column2(String) column3(String)

How to add itmes in collection $hoge into datatable like
column1(String) column2(String) column3(String)
“a” - -
“b” - -
“c” - -
I believe I can do it with “add data column” but dont know how to use it.
Pls let me know if “add data column” is available in this case and actually how to use it.

You can use add data row!
in the ArrayRow property set {item,"-","-"} where item is the string of the for each loop that iterates through the collection!

Hi @Rishabh_Lakhera
Thanks for your comment,
but actually I cannot use it, as there are other collections like
$foo ={“d”,"",“f”}
$bar ={"",“apple”,""}

and finally the data table will be rearranged like
column1(String) column2(String) column3(String)
“a” “d” “”
“b” “” “apple”
“c” “f” “”

and I thought these collection data should be treated as column…