How to upload files on AWS s3 bucket?

Hi Developers,
Actually I want to do connection from local system to amazon s3 bucket to upload files.I am unable to find any activity for it in uipath.I tried with power shell and with VB code too.Not getting success.can you please help?

Hi, I would try using the HTTP request activity to use the amazon API for upload. There’s a guide on the API here:

Hi @Ellboy,
Thank you so much for reply.I saw what u solution provided.But didn’t get how to implement it in uipath.Can u please provide more information from uipath perspective.
Thank you.

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In the package manager you should install the we activities package:

You then use this activity to use the Amazon S3 bucket API to upload your file:

Fill in thewizard using info from the doc I linked before and

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Thanks buddy.I need to try this solution.surely I will try it.Thanks again for quick response.

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I got solution using invoke vbcode activity.please find attached document Steps to upload pdf files on amazon s3.pdf (77.2 KB) to upload multiple pdfs in single hit to server.and here is aws2.xaml (7.2 KB) solution xaml file.


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