How to upload a file by uipath which is named by japanese character

I’m trying to upload a file to google drive.
The file’s named by japanese character.
With the type into activity to input the character into “input file name aera”, I got nothing in there.

The character is “中華”

A work around would be use clipboard and ctrl-v or something simulate Type works

Are you sure it’s not some other issue? What is the error message you get, if any?

I ask because I do not have this issue, for example typing into the search field at


Hey @AaronWang

You can check out this thread and hope will find something :slight_smile:


have you fount the solution?
I am facing the same issue, when I try to upload one file to my system. the file name is “客户A邮件截图1.JPG”, but when I type the filename to the upload field, it becomes"A1.JPG", it filtered all the Chinese character.

Hi @oushisai,

This issue is fixed in 2017.1 version. So if you will upgrade it will type all the characters.

However, there is a workaround for 2016.2 regarding this. Please add add < ctrl role=‘editable text’ > to the existing selector. It should work with this.

thanks @ovi,

after I add <ctrl role=‘editable text’ /> to the end of my selector.
it works: :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Yes @oushisai. For example, for the Open window in Notepad, the selector should be:
< wnd app=‘notepad.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Open’ />
< wnd ctrlid=‘1148’ />
< ctrl name=‘File name:’ role=‘editable text’ />

If your selector is not valid when you add it, open UiPath Explorer and look for “editable” in the Visual Tree. Double click on it and it should retrieve you the right selector.

Copy and paste it into the Selector Editor from the Type into activity and you’re all set.