How to: Tick checkbox on webform based on Excel information table

Hi, I hope you could help me on the steps on how I can tick checkboxes based on the information loaded on Excel. Please see the images attached. Thank you.

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What could do so far? Did you have problems in what part?

Hi, workflow is fine, until I added the Use Excel File, Iā€™m not really familiar in using it. I need to transfer the information on my excel file like Session name, event date and time, and tick box for those that has Yes to the Web Form. Please the screenshots

StudioX 3

well you put that activity inside an excel scope, so robot is trying to find those check boxes in it, is that correct or you should be pointing those at some website or external application?

Oh, I see, so should I put my If Condition activity outside Use Excel if Im trying to point the excel to some website? I will give it a try.

yes, maybe a structure like this:

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Hi @bcorrea! My project is now working, you are very helpful. Thanks a lot! :grinning:

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