How to Test Web application using test suite


I am exploring Test Suite and would like to know how to use Test Suite to test the Web application.
It would be nice if i get some reference or tutorials where i can learn on how to test the applications.

Thank You

Hi @sneha_arbole1

Please check this tutorial


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Here are some simplified steps:

  • Create a Test Case in Studio that automates a particular user story on the web application. For example, a good end-to-end test for an online store would be to go to the site, add an item to the cart, and check out.
  • Add some assertions using the Verify Expression activity. For example, get the price of the item before you add it to the cart and compare it against the expected price (price = expectedPrice)
  • Create a project and test case in Test Manager. Associate the test case in Studio with the test case in Test Manager.
  • Publish the project to Orchestrator. In Orchestrator, create a test set and a schedule to run that test set regularly. As the test is run regularly you’ll see the results of those tests in Test Manager.