How to take the the particular column data count with some specific keyword

I need to check one particular column number of records count which contains keyword “UIPATH”. Suppose I need to check only column “C”, So BOT should check entire column “C”, if there are 10 records which contains keyword “UIPATH” . It should count 10. How to do it. Please help.It’s urgent.

Hi @khan

  1. Create a new int32 and name it UiPathCount for example

  2. in an assign do this

    UiPathCount = YourDataTable.Select("C = 'UiPath'").Count

UiPathCount should contain the number of the keyword UiPath in the column C


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Thanks Reda, Let me try this.

Hi Reda, Thanks a lot , it’s working fine. Just small question. I can’t give equal to “=” because records are dynamics. Please let me know , how we will use the “Contains” if we need to take only some portion of keyword, like contains.Uipath . So here how to use Cointain

Hi Reda, Got the solution. Thanks a lot for your help

Great @khan
good it helped

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