How to string[] array add +1?

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repeatedly in download pdf

I want to search ssearch = in_arrow (0) by repeating (0) up to the total number. What should I do?

Hi @hanchanhee

You want to increment the in_array(0) right


i want repeat in_arrow(0) ->in)arrow(1)… in_arrow(3)
count 3.

Hi @hanchanhee

Have you tried looping it through for each item


I want in_arrow (count) to be incremented by 1 as 0-> 1-> 2, but no

initialize the count (variable) by 0
also add a decision check as count(variable)<4
in true part go to the search part and in false part go to do the remaining.

Hi @hanchanhee,

If you want your process should run for count —> 0, 1, 2 and when its become 3 it should not go further, then great way to achieve this is using While activity. As given below.

Count —> of type int32 with default value 0.
So instead of MessageBox you should use your sequence and that sequence will run for count value 0,1, 2.