How to split text by newline code "/n"?



How to split text by newline code “/n” ?


Hi @chenghai0208,

Split string activity can be used to split.
Separator as System.environment.newline


Thansk @SaranyaKishore
It works when the newline code is “\r\n”
But not work in the text use newline code “\n”

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Hi @chenghai0208,

Use anyone of them as a delimeter

vbCrLf - when you have both carriage return(Cr) and Line feed(Lf) in the string
vbCr - Only when Carriage return(Cr) in the string
vbLf - Only when Line feed(Lf) in the string

Reference : vb Constants

Remove the break lines

Thanks @Dominic
I don`t konw how to use them in uipath

↓↓↓ It don`t work


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Syntax for Split,

InputStringVariable.Split("delimeter"c) OR


str.Split(CChar(vblf)) OR

Where CChar - Explicit Conversion from string to Char datatype.


thanks @akila93

Environment.NewLine works when the newline code is “\r\n” but not “\n”.



It works!!!
Thank U so much!!!


Hi @chenghai0208 - Could you please upload the sample yaml file for reference.I tried the options mentioned, but receiving error.


thank you. Just what I needed