How to split string between two delimiters

I would like the “middle part” of a string like below

blahblahblah 123,456Ablahblah

How would I get 123,456 (string in between the last space from the end and A.



use below Regular expression in Matches activity to fetch required string.

[0-9] or \d

You can test here.

He will miss the comma symbol with that expression.

I don’t understand, is [0-9] or\d the expression?

refer the following video to have insight on regex…


Yes. I forgot that.


It is the regular expression to fetch number from given string. If comma is not needed then you can try any of that expression in Matches activity.

If length of the required string is constant then you can try this expression:

Str = “blahblahblah 123,456Ablahblah”

     Str.Split(" "c)(1).Substring(0,6)

we can use below expression
if comma is certain in expression and required as result :slight_smile: