How to speed up excel data reading?


Im trying to troubleshoot and need your idea on how do i speed up the reading in excel data says up to thousands of row.

im using user browser/application then read range, then assign then for each row

assign work as below
ZDATA.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x)Date.FromOADate(CDbl(x(“DATE”).ToString)).Date = Now.Date).Select(Function(x)x(“JOB NO”).ToString).ToArray

basically this process is to read today’s date, then copy job number column and paste.

It works in low data row like few hundreds, but slow and no respond in thousands.


Hi @Alfred_Gan

after reading datatable, try to work on specific column with valid condition and in properties set timeout to 0 sec.

Hi @caggarwal

Do you mean under this timeout for typeinto activities?


Use mysql to retrieve data from the Excel into a data table - Learn / Video Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum Maybe this will be helpful for you because you can use sql to manipulate the data during the reading

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