How to send multiple attachments in one mail using outlook


Friends need help with the below.

Need to select multiple files from a folder, files are to be identified with a unique name and all the filtered files are to be attached to a mail and sent out. Examples of file names are below, both the files with “V Kaushik” to be attached to one mail and the other 2 files with “R Kaistha” to be attached to a separate mail. This ha s to work in a loop for multiple names.

V Kaushik A Jain July 2018 D.pdf
V Kaushik M Kapoor July 2018 M.pdf
R Kaistha K Tripathi July 2018 D.pdf
R Kaistha Y Srini July 2018 M.pdf

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See this

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Hi Prankur

Have tried this approach but only mail goes out, no attachments.

Use “Send Outlook Mail Message” and click on “Attach Files”


Then use the below window to add an Argument with the file directories:

The File Names here need to be a variable since you wish to attach a file having a specific name to some sender.
The best way to do this will be to traverse through all file names and add a condition to check if the file name is a match. Then pass the full file path to this Attachments window.

Also does the number of files being attached to the mail change every time or is it going to be a fixed number?

Hi, Refer the below xaml file may be its useful for you and let me know if your problem is solved
Aman SheikMain.xaml (7.0 KB)

Yes, the number of attachments will vary in every mail.

Nope, doesn’t work for me.

why did u use the activity Send SMTP Mail Message? and not Send Outlook Mail Message?

And if I’m using the outlook services what should I do??

thanks a lot!!