How to send an Outlook email with "High Importance"?

I want to send a status report after every execution thru outlook email, which has to be sent with a High Importance tag.
But I cannot able to send an email with High Importance tag using UiPath’s Send outlook mail message/Office 365/Send SMTP activities.
I have been thru some forum posts, but no luck over there.

Please guide me with any solution.

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K,

You can extract the mail as a mail message variable and then you can simply set the property like


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@ManiPrajwal_K can u refer this link
hope this might help

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No luck from this @Shikhar_Tandon

@nikhil.girish Thanks, mate…! This is working fine but are there any other alternative approach to achieve the required goal?

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@ManiPrajwal_K ,through uipath mail activities its not possible Prajwal